This is a page for links to new material, work-in-progress and news about updates on the website. I've begun using RSS in this site, and you may subscribe to my RSS feed.


Updated Bio details to show my new interests (and remove old ones), and to show that I'm now working at the University of Exeter.


Moved over to a spanking new website marasingha.org.


Created a gradient for the H1 header and did some fine-tuning to the navbar. Created an alternative stylesheet called tangerine. The new stylesheet can be accessed from the bio page.


Made a little border around the sidebar in my cooking page. Fixed up the website css so that the "pressed button" look on the navigation bar would work with IE.


Cleaned up the look of the sidebar in my cooking page. Did this by getting rid of the "intercell" lines, making the background pale white and making the header a darker earth-tone colour.


I've created a new blender movie called Snowscape. It tells (in under 4 seconds) the story of a pale man who lifts off into the night sky one Winter evening. After whizzing round for a few seconds, he finally runs out of magic powder, and comes gently down to Earth to sit in the snow.


By popular demand, I've returned my Sith Lord graduation photo to its proper place.


Fixed the IE problem on the cooking page. I used some javascript to detect the browser type and dynamically change the CSS of the #contents element depending on the browser. In particular, I initially set the position type of #contents to be "absolute" and change it to "fixed" if the brower isn't IE. This is because IE doesn't implement the "fixed" position type, and this was causing problems.

Removed the H1 logo from the software page.

Fixed the IE problem on the front page. This required one more line of CSS.


I have two Internet Explorer gripes to fix:

  • The large links on the front page are meant to produce 'hints' on hover. This doesn't work in IE — fixed.
  • On the cooking page, the level one heading sticks out a few pixels, compared with the navigation bar. I think this may have something to do with the way in which IE interprets padding, in that padding isn't included in the width of an element. The problem disappers when I remove the side navigation menu — fixed.


Made changes to the navigation bars. Based my new bars on the Blues Clues design. Brought the cooking page in line with the rest of the site and designed a fixed navigation menu for the page (doesn't work in Internet Explorer). Added a Cajun Chicken recipe to the cooking page. Added a list of mirror sites. Slightly changed the design of the software page. Designed a new front page to be consistent with the rest of the site.


Performed a radical overhaul of the CSS on my web site. Used the GIMP to create a new logo for the software page. Created an image from transparency with a teal background (#008080) and an orange foreground (#ffa500). Added some text in courier new bold 33pt. Ran Script Fu -> Alpha to Logo -> Basic I. Chose the same colors as before, and saved to png. That's it!


I've completely changed the front page of the website, using a template designed by Chris Blunden. I have also begun to make changes to the CSS styles of my other pages.


I realised that my movie wasn't playing properly on Windows Media Player (as it doesn't support divx out of the box), so I re-encoded the file using mencoder, and an option something like

mencoder infile.avi -o outfile.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=msmpeg4v2


Created an addendum for my Hawai'i Colloquium page to reflect advances made since the talk. Added a page on partial fractions.


Overhauled the rsacode page. This involved finding HTML entities for things like φ and ≡, and creating a frame for the contents page. Redid backgrounds for the mathspages and the software page.


Created an HTML version of my cv from the TeX source by running

htlatex resume.tex

This made files resume.html and resume.css.


Added my Hawai'i colloquium slides to my mathspages. Removed the guestbook from the frontpage and replaced it with an icon for my gallery.


Major overhaul of my links page. Threw out some old links and added many new ones, classified by type.


  • Cleaned-up the look of my software page. It's somewhat more mellow now, perhaps too mellow!
  • Added some more blender pictures to my gallery.


Added some more links to my maths pages. Changed the design of the maths pages and the software page.


  • Generally touched up the site, making better use of style sheets.
  • Added a movie to my picture gallery.
  • Used some javascript to generate a random epigram for my home page.


I've redone my rsacode page in XHTML and MathML. The primary reason for this was that I had originally written the page when I was a Windows user, and had used the Windows Symbol font for the mathematics. It seemed a bit ridiculous that I couldn't view my own web page after switching to Linux! I've done a fairly simple conversion, but I'll probably jazz up some of the maths symbols later.


I removed the guestbook and missing link forms, as they weren't working.

Finally got rid of the looping midi file!

Added an icon for my website. I created a 16x16 png file with the GIMP, then used the png2ico application to turn it into an icon, which I added to the root directory of my website as favicon.ico.


Made some changes to the Picture Gallery. Check out my grad photo from the Sith Lord academy.


I have started putting up details of my Pink Tie Linux system.


I have begun a page on Sri Lankan cooking.

I moved my link to CV into the 'about me' section.