Picture Gallery

This page is a collection of my photographs, pencil sketches, and computer images/animations. Hover the mouse over an image for a description. Click an image for an enlarged copy/movie.

Blender Movies

Snowscape Warm Mugs Starry Blender movie

Short films I've made with the open source blender modelling and rendering program.

Hawai'i Photographs

Catamaran Mast Dolphins - off the coast of
Lanai' Surfer Wave Watcher Surfers Sandals Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Strelitzia
regina (Bird of
Paradise) Ixora coccinea

Blender Images

Inverted mugs Worm Radiosity Example Goblet Warped Text

Patrick Marasingha

An HB pencil sketch of my father, Patrick Marasingha. He's watching the film K-PAX on television in October 2004.

Graduation Photo


My graduation photo from the Sith Lord academy. I'm shown wearing the hood of the Royal College of Siths, together with a special "Pure Sith" lightsabre.